Don't wait for a breach... go beyond network traffic analysis

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If you’re waiting for traffic to hit the network to be analyzed, you’re waiting to identify a breach, not to prevent one.


Appthority has your mobile enterprise protected

Appthority is the leading mobile app risk management solution targeting the  needs of enterprise security and mobility teams with:

  • The industry’s most advanced app risk behavioral engine
  • Deep analysis that detects risks to data and privacy
  • Continuous and dynamic monitoring of your employee apps

No more guessing which mobile apps
pose a risk to your business.


Appthority-logo-lowres-205357-edited-282527-edited.pngABOUT THIS WHITE PAPER

In this whitepaper, we'll show you why relying on network traffic analysis alone is insufficient to protect against mobile app risk. You'll learn how:

  • Apps on employee devices are the new security perimeter, the new endpoint that must be addressed to fully manage enterprise security
  • Using only network traffic analysis to manage mobile app risk weakens your security posture in an increasingly mobile-centric world
  • VPNs come with significant downsides and the growing use of encryption magnifies the blind spots for network analysis tools
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