mobile devices | a silent enabler for more successful breaches



75% of mobile security breaches will be traced to mobile apps by 2017



Appthority has your mobile enterprise protected

Appthority is the leading mobile app risk management solution targeting the  needs of enterprise security and mobility teams with:

  • The industry’s most advanced app risk behavioral engine
  • A growing database of over 3.5 million analyzed iOS and Android apps
  • Continuous and dynamic monitoring of your employee apps

No more guessing which mobile apps
pose a risk to your business.


Appthority-logo-lowres-205357-edited-282527-edited.pngABOUT THIS WHITE PAPER

Mobile security’s dirty little secret: Leaked mobile data - both company and personal - represents an exponential increase in the enterprise attack surface.

  • Mobile devices in the workplace create a multiplier effect for the amount of data available for attack reconnaissance
  • Apps on employee devices exhibit high risks of data leakage and private information tracking
  • CISOs are missing a critical opportunity to secure their enterprises by not making mobile application security a top priority for breach prevention
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