How to Get Mobile Visibility & Avoid GDPR Fines

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92% of executives consider GDPR a top business priority

But with only a third taking action, the risk for fines and breaches is high.

Before 2020, we will have seen a multimillion Euro regulatory sanction for GDPR noncompliance. — Gartner

Appthority-logo-lowres-205357-edited-282527-edited-5.pngProtect What Matters Most

Appthority MTP is the only solution that fully protects enterprises from mobile threats to enterprise data and employee privacy.

  1. Find threats other solutions can’t
  2. Maintain absolute user privacy
  3. Secure data and privacy across every mobile vector


The busy security team’s solution to 
mobile cyber attacks

Appthority-logo-lowres-205357-edited-282527-edited.pngHow can you ensure GDPR compliance for your mobile enterprise?
  • To avoid big GDPR fines, you need to know exactly which mobile apps and devices put your organization at risk of non-compliance.
  • Appthority is the only company with the automated, deep app analysis that gives you the visibility you need.
  • This white paper tells you what you need to analyze about mobile data plus a simple approach to ongoing remediation and compliance monitoring.  

Avoid potential fines and breaches

Discover the 3 must-have analysis capabilities to
reduce your mobile GDPR risk 

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